HD 60364-1:2008

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 1: Fundamental principles, assessment of general characteristics, definitions HD 60364-1:2008

Publication date:   Oct 31, 2008

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60.60 Standard published   Aug 14, 2008


CLC/TC 64 Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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91.140.50   Electricity supply systems



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Gives the rules for the design, erection, and verification of electrical installations. The rules are intended to provide for the safety of persons, livestock and property against dangers and damage which may arise in the reasonable use of electrical installations and to provide for the proper functioning of those installations. IEC 60364-1 applies to the design, erection and verification of electrical installations such as those of a) residential premises; b) commercial premises; c) public premises; d) industrial premises; e) agricultural and horticultural premises; f) prefabricated buildings; g) caravans, caravan sites and similar sites; h) construction sites, exhibitions, fairs and other installations for temporary purposes; i) marinas; j) external lighting and similar installations; k) medical locations; l) mobile or transportable units; m) photovoltaic systems; n) low-voltage generating sets. IEC 60364-1 covers a) circuits supplied at nominal voltages up to and including 1 000 V a.c. or 1 500 V d.c.; b) circuits, other than the internal wiring of apparatus, operating at voltages exceeding 1 000 V and derived from an installation having a voltage not exceeding 1 000 V a.c., for example, discharge lighting, electrostatic precipitators; c) wiring systems and cables not specifically covered by the standards for appliances; d) all consumer installations external to buildings; e) fixed wiring for information and communication technology, signalling, control and the like (excluding internal wiring of apparatus); f) the extension or alteration of the installation and also parts of the existing installation affected by the extension or alteration.

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HD 60364-1:2008
60.60 Standard published
Aug 14, 2008


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