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Sanitary tapware - Mechanical mixing valves (PN 10) - General technical specifications FprEN 817

Publication date:   Apr 25, 2024

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CEN/TC 164 Water supply

European Norm

91.140.70   Sanitary installations



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This document specifies:
a) the field of application for mechanical mixing valves for use in a supply system of Type 1 (see Figure 1);
b) the dimensional, leaktightness, pressure resistance, hydraulic performance, mechanical strength, endurance, corrosion resistance of the surface of the product, sequence of testing and acoustic characteristics with which sanitary tapware products including their components (flexible hose, pull out spray) need to comply where applicable;
c) test methods to verify the characteristics.
The tests described in this document are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control or factory production control (FPC) tests carried out during manufacture.
This document applies to draw-off taps (mechanical mixing valves) for use with sanitary appliances installed in rooms used for personal hygiene (cloakrooms, bathrooms, etc.) and for food preparation (kitchens), i.e. for use with baths, wash basins, bidets, showers and sinks.
The conditions of use and classifications are given in Table 1.
[Table 1]
Figure 1 shows a supply system of Type 1 with a pressure range of (0,05 to 1,0) MPa [(0,5 to 10) bar].
[Figure 1]
Final materials included in the product are not covered by this document.

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EN 817:2008


FprEN 817
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