ENV 12924:1997

Medical Informatics - Security Categorisation and Protection for Healthcare Information Systems ENV 12924:1997

Publication date:   Nov 30, 2007

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Mar 14, 2008


CEN/TC 251 Health informatics

Pre Standard

11.020   Medical sciences and health care facilities in general | 35.240.70   IT applications in science



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This European Prestandard specifies a model and a method of catagorising automated healthcare information systems in the context of security and privacy. Security has been taken to mean the preservation, to an acceptable level, of data availability, confidentiality, and integrity. For each system category specified a corresponding set of protection requirements and recommendations is provided which is appropriate to the level of risks inherent in that category.

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ENV 12924:1997
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Mar 14, 2008