ENV 1257-2:1997

Identification card systems - Rules for Personal Identification Number handling in intersector environments - Part 2: PIN protection ENV 1257-2:1997

Publication date:   Aug 4, 2002

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Aug 2, 2005


CEN/TC 224 Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment

Pre Standard

35.240.15   Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics



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This part of ENV 1257 specifies rules for the protection of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) in intersector environments. An ICC may support several PINs. The related rules for protection may be different for each PIN. Other methods of cardholder identification are outside the scope of this standard. A specific sector may specify other rules for the use of its application(s).

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ENV 1257-2:1997
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Aug 2, 2005