EN ISO/IEC 19796-1:2009

Information technology - Learning, education and training - Quality management, assurance and metrics - Part 1: General approach (ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005) EN ISO/IEC 19796-1:2009

Publication date:   Aug 21, 2009

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60.60 Standard published   May 20, 2009


CEN/TC 353 Information and Communication Technologies for Learning, Education and Training

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03.100.30   Management of human resources | 35.240.90   IT applications in education



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ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 is a framework to describe, compare, analyse, and implement quality management and quality assurance approaches. It will serve to compare different existing approaches and to harmonize these towards a common quality model. The main aspect is the Reference Framework for the Description of Quality Approaches (RFDQ).
ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 consists of the following items:
description scheme for quality management;process model defining the basic processes to be considered when managing quality in the field of ICT-supported learning, education, and training;conformance statement for the description format.
For a better understanding of ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005, several annexes show samples of its use. The annexes are based on the French 'Code of Practice in e-Learning' (AFNOR Z 76-001) and German DIN PAS 1032-1. Additionally, an annex on Reference Quality Criteria (RQC) is included. These criteria serve as reference criteria for the analysis and evaluation of learning resources and scenarios. These criteria are also not a quality assessment approach itself, but a framework to compare different quality assurance and quality assessment approaches. Additionally, several examples of use are shown, such as specific quality objectives (e.g. metadata quality) and guidelines.
ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 is only the first step towards a harmonized quality framework; the next step is to define quality instruments and metrics in order to provide a complete quality approach. It is planned to begin the work on the full quality approach as the second part of the QA activity.

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EN ISO/IEC 19796-1:2009
60.60 Standard published
May 20, 2009


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