EN ISO 295:2004

Plastics - Compression moulding of test specimens of thermosetting materials (ISO 295:2004) EN ISO 295:2004

Publication date:   Sep 25, 2006

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 1, 2004


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

83.080.10   Thermosetting materials



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ISO 295:2004 establishes the general principles and lays down the procedure to prepare test specimens of heat- and pressure-moulded thermosetting material from different moulding compounds, specifies the details for test specimen preparation to be included with the test reports on properties and gives the general principles for the design of the mould intended for the preparation of the test specimens. The method applies to phenolic resin, aminoplastic, melamine/phenol, epoxy and unsaturated polyester-based thermosetting powder moulding compounds (PMCs). Special methods for preparing test specimens required because of the nature of certain moulding compounds, their flow properties or other variable factors, are not considered.

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EN ISO 295:1998


EN ISO 295:2004
60.60 Standard published
Feb 1, 2004