EN ISO 21871:2006

Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Horizontal method for the determination of low numbers of presumptive Bacillus cereus - Most probable number technique and detection method (ISO 21871:2006) EN ISO 21871:2006

Publication date:   Apr 21, 2006

General information

60.60 Standard published   Jan 15, 2006


CEN/TC 463 Microbiology of the food chain

European Norm

07.100.30   Food microbiology



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ISO 21871:2006 specifies a horizontal method for the detection or the enumeration of low numbers of viable presumptive Bacillus cereus by means of the most probable number technique. ISO 21871:2006 is applicable to products intended for human consumption and the feeding of animals, and environmental samples in the area of food production and food handling.

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EN ISO 21871:2006
60.60 Standard published
Jan 15, 2006