EN ISO 14554-1:2013

Quality requirements for welding - Resistance welding of metallic materials - Part 1: Comprehensive quality requirements (ISO 14554-1:2013) EN ISO 14554-1:2013

Publication date:   Feb 17, 2014

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60.60 Standard published   Dec 18, 2013


CEN/TC 121 Welding and allied processes

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25.160.01   Welding, brazing and soldering in general



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ISO 14554-1:2013 specifies requirements for the demonstration of the capability of a manufacturer or a sub-contractor to produce welded constructions, fulfilling specified quality requirements, in one or more of the following: a) a contract between involved parties; b) an application standard; c) a regulatory requirement.
The requirements contained within ISO 14554-1:2013 can be adopted in full or can be selectively deleted by the manufacturer if not applicable to the construction concerned. They provide a flexible framework for the control of welding by providing specific requirements for: 1) Case 1 ? resistance welding in contracts which require the manufacturer or sub-contractor to have a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001; 2) Case 2 ? resistance welding in contracts which require the manufacturer or sub-contractor to have a quality system other than ISO 9001; 3) Case 3 ? resistance welding as guidance to a manufacturer or sub-contractor developing a quality system; 4) Case 4 ? references in application standards which use resistance welding as part of their requirements or in a contract between relevant parties, although it is more appropriate for ISO 14554‑2 to be used in such cases.
ISO 14554-1:2013: i) is independent of the type of welded construction to be manufactured; ii) defines quality requirements for welding both in production plants and on site; iii) provides guidance for describing the capability of a manufacturer to produce welded constructions to meet specified requirements; iv) can also be used as a basis for assessing the manufacturer in respect to his welding capability.
For general guidelines for selection and use, see ISO 3834‑1, while being aware that only comprehensive and elementary quality requirements are specified for resistance welding. An annex gives a summary comparison of specific quality requirements for resistance welding in ISO 14554-1:2013 and ISO 14554‑2.

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EN ISO 14554-1:2013
60.60 Standard published
Dec 18, 2013