EN IEC 62282-6-107:2024

Fuel cell technologies - Part 6-107: Micro fuel cell power systems - Safety - Indirect water-reactive (Division 4.3) compounds EN IEC 62282-6-107:2024

Publication date:   Nov 10, 2023

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60.60 Standard published   May 17, 2024


CLC/SR 105 Fuel cell technologies

European Norm

27.070   Fuel cells



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IEC 62282-6-107:2024 covers micro fuel cell power systems, micro fuel cell power units and fuel cartridges using hydrogen produced from water-reactive (UN Division 4.3) compounds as fuel. These systems and units use proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technologies. The designs can include fuel processing subsystems to derive hydrogen gas from the water-reactive fuel formulation.

This document only applies to water-reactive (UN Division 4.3) solid compounds which solely evolve hydrogen gas upon contact with water (or non-hazardous aqueous solutions). This document does not apply to compounds with a subsidiary hazard risk, or which are not permitted to be transported by air according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions.

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EN IEC 62282-6-107:2024
60.60 Standard published
May 17, 2024