EN IEC 61968-100:2022

Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 100: IEC Implementation profiles for application integration EN IEC 61968-100:2022

Publication date:   Jul 14, 2022

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60.60 Standard published   Apr 1, 2022


CLC/TC 57 Power systems management and associated information exchange

European Norm

33.200   Telecontrol. Telemetering



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1.1 General
This International Standard is Part 100 of IEC 61968. It defines how messages may be exchanged between co-operating systems in order to facilitate the transfer of application-specific data. Such application-specific data include but are not limited to the message payloads defined in IEC 61968 (Parts 3-9 and Part 13), IEC 61970 and IEC 62325.
1.2 About This International Standard
This International Standard provides normative definitions for:
- a set of message archetypes (clause 5);
- a set of message exchange patterns that both sending and receiving systems are expected to implement (clause 6);
- the exact format of the messages that are to be transmitted over the various integration technologies including a precise description of the information that each message must contain (clause 7);
- a set of constraints and conventions to which applications must adhere in order to facilitate message exchange using IEC 61968-100 (clause 8);
- the details of how IEC 61968-100 messages should be implemented using various underlying transport mechanisms (clause 9).
1.3 What is not covered by this International Standard
Security considerations lie outside the scope of IEC 61968-100. This document defers to the IEC 62351 series for definitions and practices relating to the secure transmission of messages.
1.4 Future Considerations
1.4.1 Choice of Encoding Mechanisms
IEC 61968-100:2021 prescribes XML as the normative encoding mechanism for all messages defined by this International Standard.
Future editions of IEC 61968-100 may specify additional normative encoding methods including support for IEC 62361-104. The latter defines encodings to facilitate the exchange of information in the form of JSON documents whose semantics are defined by the IEC CIM and whose syntax is defined by an IETF JSON schema.
1.4.2 Choice of Web Service Technologies
IEC 61968-100:2021 provides normative definitions for the use of SOAP Web Services (clause 9.2) and Java Messaging Service (clause 9.3) for the transport of messages.
Future editions of IEC 61968-100 may specify additional normative web service technologies such as REST.

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EN IEC 61968-100:2022
60.60 Standard published
Apr 1, 2022