EN IEC 61784-1-5:2023

Industrial networks - Profiles - Part 1-5: Fieldbus profiles - Communication Profile Family 5 EN IEC 61784-1-5:2023

Publication date:   Jul 17, 2023

General information

60.60 Standard published   Apr 28, 2023


CLC/TC 65X Industrial-process measurement, control and automation

European Norm

35.100.20   Data link layer | 35.240.50   IT applications in industry



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IEC 61784-1-5:2023 defines Communication Profile Family 5 (CPF 5). CPF 5 specifies a set of protocol specific communication profiles (CPs) based on the IEC 61158 series (Type 7) and other standards, to be used in the design of devices involved in communications in factory manufacturing and process control.

NOTE All CPs are based on standards or draft standards or International Standards published by the IEC or on standards or International Standards established by other standards bodies or open standards processes.

Each CP selects an appropriate consistent and compatible subset of services and protocols from the relevant set that is defined and modelled in the IEC 61158 series. For the selected subset of services and protocols, the profile also describes any possible or necessary constraints in parameter values.

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EN IEC 61784-1-5:2023
60.60 Standard published
Apr 28, 2023