EN 858-2:2003

Separator systems for light liquids (e.g. oil and petrol) - Part 2: Selection of nominal size, installation, operation and maintenance EN 858-2:2003

Publication date:   Dec 22, 2003

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90.60 Close of review   Jun 3, 2024


CEN/TC 165 Waste water engineering

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13.060.99   Other standards related to water quality



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This standard specifies definitions, principles of sizing, installation, operation and maintenance of separator systems for light liquids in accordance with prEN 858-1:1997 as well as requirements and test methods for cleansing agents discharged with the waste water into the separator system. When pollution control requires the treatment of pollutants other than light liquids, additional measures shall be necessary.

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EN 858-2:2003
90.60 Close of review
Jun 3, 2024