EN 71-2:2003

Safety of toys - Part 2: Flammability EN 71-2:2003

Publication date:   Jun 11, 2004

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jan 25, 2006


CEN/TC 52 Safety of toys

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13.220.40   Ignitability and burning behaviour of materials and products | 97.200.50   Toys



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This part of EN 71 specifies the categories of flammable materials which are prohibited in all toys, and requirements concerning flammability of certain toys when they are subjected to a small source of ignition.
The test methods described in clause 5 are used for the purposes of determining the flammability of toys under the particular test conditions specified. The test results thus obtained cannot be considered as providing an overall indication of the potential fire hazard of toys or materials when subjected to other sources of ignition.
This part includes general requirements relating to all toys and specific requirements and methods of test relating to the following toys, which are considered as being those presenting the greatest hazard:
- beards, moustaches, wigs, etc, made from hair, pile or similar material (e.g. free-hanging ribbons, paper or cloth strands, etc), which are worn on the head. (These materials may or may not be attached to masks, hats or other products worn on the head, but exclude paper novelty hats usually found in party crackers);
- disguise costumes (e.g. cowboy outfits, nurse's uniforms, etc.) and toys intended to be worn by a child including items worn on the head, but excluding those items covered by 4.2. (These requirements also apply to long flowing shrouds, hoods, head-dresses, etc, which might be attached to hats, masks, etc.);
- moulded masks which cover the face and fully cover the head;
- masks made from fabric which fully cover the head;
- toys intended to be entered by a child (e.g. toy tents, puppet theatres, wigwams, play tunnels);
- soft filled toys (animals and dolls, etc.) with a pile surface or textile surface but excluding soft filled toys in the form of activity quilts.
NOTE Additional requirements for flammability of electric toys are specified in EN 50088 Safety of Electric Toys.

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EN 71-2:2003
99.60 Withdrawal effective
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