EN 61188-5-3:2007

Printed boards and printed board assemblies - Design and use - Part 5-3: Attachment (land/joint) considerations - Components with gull-wing leads on two sides EN 61188-5-3:2007

Publication date:   Mar 28, 2008

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60.60 Standard published   Nov 23, 2007


CLC/SR 91 Electronics assembly technology

European Norm

31.180   Printed circuits and boards



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Provides information on land pattern geometries used for the surface attachment of electronic components with gull-wing leads on two sides. The intent of the information presented herein is to provide the appropriate size, shape and tolerances of surface mount land patterns to ensure sufficient area for the appropriate solder fillet, and also allow for inspection, testing and reworking of those solder joints.

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EN 61188-5-3:2007
60.60 Standard published
Nov 23, 2007