EN 60286-4:2013

Packaging of components for automatic handling - Part 4: Stick magazines for electronic components encapsulated in packages of different forms EN 60286-4:2013

Publication date:   Dec 17, 2013

General information

60.60 Standard published   Nov 8, 2013


CLC/SR 40 Capacitors and resistors for electronic equipment

European Norm

31.020   Electronic components in general | 31.240   Mechanical structures for electronic equipment



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IEC 60286-4:2013 is applicable to stick magazines (including end stoppers) intended to be used for storage of electronic components, for transport from the manufacturer to the customer and for in-house use in the manufacturing plant. They are also used to feed automatic placement machines for surface mounting as well as for through-hole mounting of electronic components. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: Clause 4 describes the guidelines for customer specific stick magazine design. It replaces the magazine design rules for IEC outlined components and rules for orientation of components in stick magazines which have been moved to Annexes A to D.

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EN 60286-4:1998


EN 60286-4:2013
60.60 Standard published
Nov 8, 2013