EN 50377-8-10:2010

Connector sets and interconnect components to be used in optical fibre communication systems - Product specifications - Part 8-10: Type LSH-APC simplex terminated on IEC 60793-2-50 category B1.1 and B1.3 singlemode fibre with titanium composite ferrule for category C EN 50377-8-10:2010

Publication date:   Jun 17, 2010

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 30, 2019


CLC/TC 86BXA Fibre optic interconnect, passive and connectorised components

European Norm

33.180.20   Fibre optic interconnecting devices



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1.1 Product definition This standard contains the initial, start of life dimensional, optical, mechanical and environmental performance requirements which a terminated and assembled singlemode resilient alignment sleeve LSH APC 8° simplex connector set (plug-adaptor-plug), adaptor and patchcord must meet in order for it to be categorised as an EN standard product. Since different variants and grades of performance are permitted, product marking details are given in 3.5. 1.2 Intermateability Although all products conforming to the requirements of this standard will intermate, the resulting level of random attenuation performance will only be ensured in accordance with Table 1. The intention is that this will be true irrespective of the manufacturing source(s) of the product. When intermating plug variants having different attenuation grades, the resulting level of attenuation cannot be assured to be any better than the worst attenuation grade. The intermating of a grade C plug with a grade B plug will result in an uncertain level of random attenuation performance. Table 1 – Ensured level of random attenuation Plug variant/Attenuation grade C B C C C B C B 1.3 Operating environment The tests selected combined with the severities and durations are representative of a Category C environment as defined in EN 61753-1. 1.4 Reliability Whilst the anticipated service life expectancy of the product in this environment is 20 years, compliance with this standard does not guarantee the reliability of the product. This should be predicted using a recognised reliability assessment programme. 1.5 Quality assurance Compliance with this standard does not guarantee the manufacturing consistency of the product. This should be maintained using a recognised quality assurance programme.

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EN 50377-8-10:2010
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 30, 2019