EN 1670:2007

Building hardware - Corrosion resistance - Requirements and test methods EN 1670:2007

Publication date:   Sep 28, 2007

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 10, 2023


CEN/TC 33 Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling

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91.190   Building accessories



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This European Standard specifies the requirements for the corrosion resistance of building hardware for doors, windows, shutters and curtain walling.
This European Standard provides a method of classification of corrosion resistance of building hardware based on performance in a neutral salt spray test (EN ISO 9227).
This European Standard specifies requirements for both coated and uncoated surfaces and five grades of corrosion resistance being laid down in accordance with the different conditions of use grades 1 to 5. A grade 0 is also included for which no requirements have been specified. Requirements for levels of corrosion resistance which are higher than those laid down for grade 5 have not been included in this European Standard and are subject to agreement where required.
This European Standard also applies to the metal fasteners required for fixing building hardware if specified.
Screws and fastenings which are sold with a hardware product which conforms to this European Standard should also conform to this European Standard.
NOTE 1 The term "grade" used in this European Standard corresponds to the term "class" which is used in ISO standards.
NOTE 2 There is seldom a direct relationship between resistance to the action of salt spray and resistance to corrosion in other media, because several factors influencing the progress of corrosion, such as the formation of protective films, vary greatly with the conditions encountered. Therefore, the test results should not be regarded as a direct guide to the corrosion resistance of the tested materials in all environments where these materials may be used. Also, the performance of different materials during the test should not be taken as a direct guide to the corrosion resistance of these materials in service.
The method described in this European Standard gives a means of checking that the comparative quality of a material, with or without corrosion protection, is maintained.
In addition, for quality contr

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EN 1670:2007
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