EN 16344:2013

Cosmetics - Analysis of cosmetic products - Screening for UV-filters in cosmetic products and quantitative determination of 10 UV-filters by HPLC. EN 16344:2013

Publication date:   Jan 21, 2014

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Apr 10, 2019


CEN/TC 392 Cosmetics

European Norm

71.100.70   Cosmetics. Toiletries



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This European Standard specifies a multi-screening method using reversed-phase HPLC for the detection of UV-filters listed in the cosmetic regulations. The method is applicable for the quantitative determination of 10 UV-filters, which are mainly used in emulsion-based cosmetic products and sunscreen sprays particularly with regard to the maximum concentration listed in the cosmetic regulation.
Other analytical methods for the qualification and quantification of UV-filters may be used if they lead to comparable results.

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EN 16344:2013
90.93 Standard confirmed
Apr 10, 2019