EN 14879-4:2007

Organic coating systems and linings for protection of industrial apparatus and plants against corrosion caused by aggressive media - Part 4: Linings on metallic components EN 14879-4:2007

Publication date:   Mar 28, 2008

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90.60 Close of review   Mar 4, 2018


CEN/TC 360 Coating systems for chemical apparatus and plants against corrosion

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25.220.60   Organic coatings



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This document describes the requirements for and methods of testing of organic linings which are applied to metallic process engineering equipment that will come in contact with chemical substances. The requirements specified here may be used for the purposes of quality control (e.g. as agreed between the contract
partners )).
The standard applies to linings which serve one or more of the following purposes:
 to protect the component from adverse effects of aggressive substances;
 to protect waters (e.g. ground water) from harmful substances;
 to protect the charge from becoming contaminated by components released from the substrate material;
 to achieve a particular surface quality.
This standard applies to vessels, apparatus, piping parts and other components for process plants made of metallic substrate materials which are in contact with media and are provided with a surface protection made of
a) prefabricated, natural or synthetic rubber based sheeting (subsequently named rubber lining), to be
applied in the workshop or on site;
b) prefabricated, phenol formaldehyde or epoxy resin based sheeting (subsequently named duroplastic lining), to be applied in the workshop only;
c) prefabricated, thermoplastic products (e.g. foils, sheeting, plates, pipes) (subsequently named thermoplastic lining), to be applied in the workshop or on site.
The standard specifies the requirements, acceptance inspection, packaging, transport, storage and installation of organic linings for metallic materials.
The tests described in this standard are intended for verification of the suitability of sheeting used for linings and for acceptance inspection to be carried out on the products during or after application of the lining or as part of routine inspections to determine any changes effected in the lining during service.

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EN 14879-4:2007
90.60 Close of review
Mar 4, 2018