EN 14733:2005

Bitumen and bituminous binders - Bituminous emulsions, fluxed and cut-back bitumen factory production control EN 14733:2005

Publication date:   Sep 25, 2006

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Oct 6, 2010


CEN/TC 336 Bituminous binders

European Norm

75.140   Waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products | 91.100.50   Binders. Sealing materials



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This European Standard specifies Factory Production Control (FPC) requirements for use by the manufacturers of bituminous emulsions, cut-back and fluxed binders.
This European Standard is applicable to the control of bituminous binders where the constituents and composition are known, having been derived from a prescriptive specification or from the Initial Type Test (ITT) procedure for demonstration of performance related properties described in the appropriate product standard or from a European Technical Approval.
NOTE 1 Factory Production Control is a requirement of all harmonised elements of harmonised European Standards and European Technical Approvals for bituminous binders if the CE mark of conformity is to be affixed. The system can also be applied to non-harmonised elements and to situations where CE marking is not mandatory.
NOTE 2 Regulated properties of the products are involved in this document.

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EN 14733:2005
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Oct 6, 2010


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