EN 13507:2018

Thermal spraying - Pre-treatment of surfaces of metallic parts and components for thermal spraying EN 13507:2018

Publication date:   Nov 14, 2018

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90.60 Close of review   Mar 3, 2024


CEN/TC 240 Thermal spraying and thermally sprayed coatings

European Norm

25.220.10   Surface preparation | 25.220.20   Surface treatment



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This document specifies the processing of surface preparation for thermal spraying. Important principles indicated in this European Standard are intended to be taken into consideration when surfaces of metallic parts are to be prepared for thermal spraying. This document applies for production of new parts as well as for the repair of worn parts.
This document does not apply for thermal spraying in the case of protection against atmospheric corrosion by coatings of zinc and/or aluminium and their alloys, for which EN ISO 2063-1:2017 and EN ISO 2063-2:2017 apply.

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EN 13507:2010


EN 13507:2018
90.60 Close of review
Mar 3, 2024