EN 12966-1:2005/prA1

Road vertical signs - Variable message traffic signs - Part 1: Product standard EN 12966-1:2005/prA1

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CEN/TC 226 Road equipment

European Norm

93.080.30   Road equipment and installations


This document specifies requirements and test methods for new Variable Message Signs (VMS).
VMS comprise two types, continuous and discontinuous signs:
- continuous signs are those that are similar to fixed signs, the only difference being that by some electro mechanical means they can show various messages.
NOTE 1 For example rotating prism signs, roller blinds.
- discontinuous signs create messages using individual elements that can be in one of two states (or more) and can thereby create various messages on the same sign face.
NOTE 2 For example fibre optic signs, LED signs.
This document covers the performance requirements for Variable Message Signs used for the instruction and guidance of road users on public and private land, including tunnels. In this document a number of different performance requirements (visual performance, EMC, environmental performance, etc) are covered, as well as durability.
The EMC, safety and environmental requirements for both types of VMS are included in this document together with the visual performance for the discontinuous types VMS.
The visual performance for continuous signs and discontinuous signs which are externally illuminated is covered by EN 12899-1.
This document defines performance limits and a range of performance classes for both sign assemblies without vertical support and assemblies complete with vertical support.
Not covered by this document are:
sign gantries, cantilevers and foundations;
portable and temporary VMS;
signal heads;
sizes and shapes of VMS messages;
control units and monitoring units unless inside the test module.

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EN 12966-1:2005


EN 12966-1:2005/prA1
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