EN 12413:2007/FprA1

Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products EN 12413:2007/FprA1

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CEN/TC 143 Machine tools - Safety

European Norm

25.100.70   Abrasives


During revision of EN 12413:1999 an editorial simplification of the table with the scope of inspection (EN 12413:1999, Table 14) had been decided (see meeting report, document CEN/TC 143/WG 2 N 132). However this simplification led to a tightening of the scope of inspection for "all other abrasive products" in EN 12413:2007, Table 7 which was not covered by the compilation of comments table (document CEN/TC 143/WG 2 N 133) and no technical reason can be seen for this tightening of requirements.

Scope of EN 12413:2007:
This standard is applicable to rotating bonded abrasive products. It specifies requirements and/or measures for the removal or reduction of hazards resulting from the design and application of the abrasive products.
This standard also contains procedures and tests for verification of compliance with the requirements as well as safety information for use, which is to be made available to the user by the manufacturer.
The hazards taken into consideration are listed in Clause 4 of this standard.
This standard does not apply to superabrasives and coated abrasive products.

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EN 12413:2007


EN 12413:2007/FprA1
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Dec 16, 2010