EN 10270-2:2011

Steel wire for mechanical springs - Part 2: Oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire EN 10270-2:2011

Publication date:   Mar 16, 2012

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Dec 3, 2021


CEN/TC 459/SC 6 Wire rod and wires

European Norm

77.140.25   Spring steels



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1.1 This European Standard applies to oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire made from unalloyed or alloyed steels. They are primarily subject to torsional stresses such as in coil springs for compression and extension and in special cases also for applications where the spring wire is subject to bending stresses such as lever springs.
As a rule unalloyed steels are used for applications at room temperature whereas alloyed steels are generally used at a temperature above room temperature. Alloyed steels may also be chosen for above average tensile strengths.
1.2 In addition to this European Standard, the general technical delivery requirements of EN 10021 are applicable.

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EN 10270-2:2001


EN 10270-2:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Dec 3, 2021