EN 10120:1996

Steel sheet and strip for welded gas cylinders EN 10120:1996

Publication date:   Apr 16, 2000

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Sep 3, 2008


CEN/TC 459/SC 7 Steels for pressure purposes

European Norm

77.140.50   Flat steel products and semi-products



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1.1 This European Standard spec4f ies requirements for hot-rol-led sheet and strip up to 5 mm thickness made of steels listed in table 1 and intended for manufacturing welded gas cylinders. 1.2 The general technical delivery conditions in EN 10021 also apply to products supplied in accordance with this European Standard. 1.3 This European Standard does not apply to sheet and strip made of: - general structural steels (see EN 10025); - non-alloy and alloy steels for pressure vessels (see EN 10028-1 to 10028-6); - low carbon non-alloy steels for cold forming (see EN 10111 and EN 10130); - steels with a high yield strength for cold forming (see EN 10149); - cold-rolled strip up to 600 mm wide of low carbon non-alloy steels (see EN 10139); - steels for simple pressures vessels (see EN 10207).

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EN 10120:1996
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Sep 3, 2008


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