CWA 16504:2012

Simplified multilateral EDI - Secure electronic data interchange in non-hierarchical networks CWA 16504:2012

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Nov 22, 2017


CEN/WS InTime Secure multilateral communication via EDI in non-hierarchical networks (InTime)

CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement

35.240.63   IT applications in trade


This workshop agreement is intended as a guideline for the exchange of business documents between companies by electronic communication (EDI). Since every company has a multitude of business relationships it is important to keep this communication easy to handle. Especially for small and medium sized enterprises a new approach is necessary because the efforts to handle bilateral communication channels are too heavy. The idea is to route the communication through a central platform in the Internet where only the data format is used which is described in this workshop agreement. The data format must be lightweight (to enable companies of all sizes to communicate) and free of redundancies (so the semantics are clear). Both aspects are not possible with traditional data formats like EDIFACT.

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CWA 16504:2012
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Nov 22, 2017