CWA 14243-1:2001

Post-consumer tyre materials and applications - Part 1: Materials CWA 14243-1:2001

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 19, 2002


CEN/WS 003 CEN Workshop on the preparation of standards for post consumer tyre materials and applications

CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement

83.160.01   Tyres in general


The CWA is prepared in two discrete parts. Part 1 concerns the preparation of a CWA for the production of recycled materials. Part 2 concerns the preparation of technical specifications for the use of the materials in a selection of representative applications.
1.1 The purpose of the CWA is to provide guidance to producers as well as to purchasers and suppliers in the selection of practical, commercially available materials and to provide a method of specifying these materials by the use of a simple means of categorisation.
1.2 The system is based upon the premise that the characteristics of post-consumer tyre materials can be described by three designations: material source, technology used and size.
1.3 Part 1 of the CWA describes the minimal technical requirements for the designation of four categories of materials produced from post-consumer tyres and other rubber which will serve a wide range of industrial needs.
The CWA is limited to those materials defined herein which are not currently the subject of other CEN programmes. The CWA does not cover the operational performance or fitness for use of the materials and applications which are deemed to be a function of agreements between the manufacturer and the consumer.

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CWA 14243-1:2001
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 19, 2002


CWA 14243:2002