CLC/TR 50542-3:2016

Railway applications - Driver's cab train Display Controller (TDC) - Part 3: Other train systems FIS CLC/TR 50542-3:2016

Publication date:   Jun 14, 2017

General information

60.60 Standard published   Dec 16, 2016


CLC/TC 9X Electrical and electronic applications for railways

Technical Report

35.240.60   IT applications in transport | 45.020   Railway engineering in general



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The scope of this document is the definition of the functional interface between TDC and other train systems. These other train systems are the train systems (different from ETCS (Subset 121) and DMIs) from the TDC point of view.
The functional interface deals with data exchanged between TDC and these train systems.
The TDC is defined in document CLC/TR 50542-1.

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CLC/TR 50542-3:2016
60.60 Standard published
Dec 16, 2016