CEN/TS 18041:2024

Hydrometry - Sedimentation - Measurements required for effective sediment management and control at river structures CEN/TS 18041:2024

Publication date:   Dec 7, 2023

General information

60.60 Standard published   May 8, 2024


CEN/TC 318 Hydrometry

Technical Specification

17.120.20   Flow in open channels | 93.140   Construction of waterways, ports and dykes



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This document provides guidance on the collation of the measurements required for the management of siltation at river structures. These include structures used by water supply utilities, other major water abstractors, HEP producers, and for flow measurement by environmental protection agencies.
The document is also intended for use when a redundant structure is being removed, or when modifications to a structure are being made to facilitate fish migration or for river restoration. This is to ensure that the impacts of these changes are adequately monitored and recorded.
The document covers the provision of routine measurements, and the checks and requirements that need to be made by the operator so that specific basic information is collated and made readily available. This information is used to inform decision-making by environment management agencies that authorise flushing, sediment clearance or sedimentation removal. This is to ensure minimal environmental impacts, and to compliance with existing environmental legislation.

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CEN/TS 18041:2024
60.60 Standard published
May 8, 2024