CEN/TS 17661:2021

Personal identification – European enrolment guide for biometric ID documents (EEG) CEN/TS 17661:2021

Publication date:   Feb 17, 2022

General information

60.60 Standard published   Nov 24, 2021


CEN/TC 224 Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment

Technical Specification

35.240.15   Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics



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This document consolidates information relating to successful and high quality biometric enrolment processes of facial and fingerprint systems, while indicating risk factors and providing appropriate mitigations. This information supports decisions regarding procurement, design, deployment and operation of these biometric systems.
This document provides guidance on:
— capturing of facial images to be used as reference images in identity and secure documents;
— capturing of fingerprint images to be used as reference images in identity and secure documents;
— data quality maintenance for biometric reference data;
— data authenticity maintenance for biometric reference data.
The document addresses the following aspects which are specific for biometric reference data capturing:
— biometric data quality and interoperability ensurance;
— data authenticity ensurance;
— morphing and other presentation attack detection as well as other unauthorized changes;
— accessibility and usability;
— privacy and data protection;
— optimal enrolment design.
The following aspects are out of scope:
— IT security;
— data capturing for verification purposes, e.g. in ABC gates;
— capturing biometric data for enrolment in other systems different from data enrolment for integration in secure MRTD, like entry/exit systems.
This document consolidates the role of the enrolment process in a biometric system and differentiates the enrolment from the authentication, while mentioning key factors of the enrolment process that are feature independent.
Interests of the existing stakeholders are broken down and provide an insight on different views of the enrolment. In addition, organisational enrolment approaches are covered.
This document is not concerned with IT requirements or the capturing of biometric data for inspection, identification or verification purposes without the required step of creating an identity document using the captured data.

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CEN/TS 17661:2021
60.60 Standard published
Nov 24, 2021