CEN/TS 17288:2020

Health informatics - The International Patient Summary - Guideline for European Implementation CEN/TS 17288:2020

Publication date:   Jun 16, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   May 27, 2020


CEN/TC 251 Health informatics

Technical Specification

35.240.80   IT applications in health care technology



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This Technical Specification (TS) provides implementation guidance to support the use of the International Patient Summary dataset in a European context. The focus of this technical specification takes into consideration European specific jurisdictional requirements, needs and contexts that Europe requires to be satisfied for effective implementation. It addresses both functional and non-functional requirements for the dataset’s interchange. As part of the usability of the International Patient Summary, European perspectives, directives and regulations contextualise and add value to generic reference implementations for use by Member States.
The TS applies the refined European Interoperability Framework (ReEIF), which describes legal, organisational, semantic and technological considerations for interoperability. These considerations highlight the eHealth Network’s (eHN) guidance for cross-border care and underpin the care process. The TS formalises principles to support the safe and legitimate use of patient summary data and afford protection for efficient cross-border data interchange within scenarios for unscheduled care.
This Technical Specification gives selection criteria and provides examples of various transport formats and terminologies shown to be suitable for interchanging the International Patient Summary dataset. Compliance, deployment & migration Guidance are also included. The TS distinguishes between cross-border only requirements for interchanging the dataset and those that are generally applicable within national borders.

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CEN/TS 17288:2020
60.60 Standard published
May 27, 2020