CEN/TR 17945:2023

Textiles and textile products - Textiles with integrated electronics and ICT - Definitions, categorisation, applications and standardisation needs CEN/TR 17945:2023

Publication date:   Sep 19, 2023

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60.60 Standard published   May 31, 2023


CEN/TC 248 Textiles and textile products

Technical Report

59.080.80   Smart textiles



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This document provides definitions in the field of electronic textiles (e-textiles) and electronic textile systems, as well as the categorization of different types of electronic textiles and electronic textile systems. It briefly describes the current stage of development of these products and their application potential and gives indications on preferential standardization needs.
This document will also provide guidelines to determine general verification of claimed performance, innocuousness, durability of properties, product information and environmental aspects of textile electronics.
This document is not intended for products which are placed inside or are (permanently) attached to the human body. It also does not specifically address the electronics information communication link between the textile with integrated electronics and external data processing. This document therefore also does not focus on the design of software to be implemented in electronic textiles of textile systems.

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CEN/TR 17945:2023
60.60 Standard published
May 31, 2023