CEN/TR 16045:2010

Construction Products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Content of regulated dangerous substances - Selection of analytical methods CEN/TR 16045:2010

Publication date:   Jan 21, 2011

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60.60 Standard published   Nov 3, 2010


CEN/TC 351 Construction Products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances

Technical Report

91.100.01   Construction materials in general



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This Technical Report describes appropriate standard test methods for the determination of the content of regulated dangerous substances in construction products. Because of the similarity of the analytical methods for digests and eluates from leaching, the analysis of eluates from leaching is also covered.
This Technical Report is relevant to all substances covered by the provisions of the main body of Mandate M/366, i.e. those included in the work programme for the emission into indoor air, and release to surface water, ground water and soil.
The list of regulated substances provided by the Commission in document "Indicative list of regulated dangerous substances" [1] defines the substances, for which analytical methods for content will in principle be needed. This report will be limited to this list.
NOTE 1 Sampling for content analysis is addressed by applying the relevant product standards and or by applying WI 00351013, Construction products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Complement to sampling (TR 4) [7] in case the sampling protocol for technical properties does not adequately address requirements in testing posed by the assessment of release to soil, surface and groundwater.
NOTE 2 Based on this selection of appropriate test methods from other fields, horizontal test methods for analysing the chemical content of construction products will be developed as ENs.
NOTE 3 In Annex B a compilation is given of the content regulations for construction products for health or environmental reasons.

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Regulation (eu) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 march 2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing council directive 89/106/eec

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CEN/TR 16045:2010
60.60 Standard published
Nov 3, 2010