CEN/TR 14788:2006

Ventilation for buildings - Design and dimensioning of residential ventilation systems CEN/TR 14788:2006

Publication date:   May 21, 2010

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 15, 2006


CEN/TC 156 Ventilation for buildings

Technical Report

91.140.30   Ventilation and air-conditioning systems



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This Technical Report specifies recommendations for the performance and design of ventilation systems which serve single family, multi family and apartment type dwellings during both summer and winter. It is of particular interest to architects, designers, builders and those involved with implementing national, regional and local regulations and standards.
Four basic ventilation strategies are covered; natural ventilation, fan assisted supply air ventilation, fan assisted exhaust air ventilation and fan assisted balanced air ventilation. Combinations of these systems are not excluded and a ventilation system may serve only one dwelling (individual system) or more than one dwelling (central system). The ventilation aspects of combined systems (ventilation with heating and/or cooling) are covered.
The ventilation of garages, common spaces, roof voids, sub-floor voids, wall cavities and other spaces in the structure, under, over or around the living space are not covered.
Ventilation systems covered by this Technical Report may affect the entry and dilution of radon and other gases from the ground but these effects are not covered in this Technical Report. Ventilation systems designed to reduce the entry of radon and other gases from the ground are not covered by this Technical Report.

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CEN/TR 14788:2006
60.60 Standard published
Mar 15, 2006