Fitness centres - Requirements for equipment and operation - Part 3: Cardiotraining cen:proj:39973

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CEN/TC 136 Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment

European Norm


This European Standard for fitness centres specifies minimum requirements for safe and beneficial exercise. This includes requirements for machine-based cardiovascular exercise is offered in addition to machine-based strength training. The requirements and testing methods for primary and secondary preventive machine-based strength exercise are specified in Part 2, and for primary and secondary preventive group exercise classes in Part 4. This part of the standard does not specify requirements for stationary exercise equipment according to EN 957 (all parts) or stationary exercise equipment for medical use according to directive 93/42/EWG.
Additional services such as spa services, child care, tanning beds, swimming pools, toilets and showers, changing rooms, parking lots, nutritional counselling, facilities for racket sports etc. are not included in this part.

Life cycle


00.98 Proposal for new project abandoned
Jun 28, 2017