CEN ISO/TS 21623:2018

Workplace exposure - Assessment of dermal exposure to nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA) (ISO/TS 21623:2017) CEN ISO/TS 21623:2018

Publication date:   Mar 15, 2018

General information

60.60 Standard published   Feb 7, 2018


CEN/TC 137 Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents

Technical Specification

13.040.30   Workplace atmospheres



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ISO/TS 21623:2017 describes a systematic approach to assess potential occupational risks related to nano-objects and their agglomerates and aggregates (NOAA) arising from the production and use of nanomaterials and/or nano-enabled products. This approach provides guidance to identify exposure routes, exposed body parts and potential consequences of exposure with respect to skin uptake, local effects and inadvertent ingestion.
ISO/TS 21623:2017 also considers occupational use of products containing NOAA by professionals, e.g. beauticians applying personal care products, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, but does not apply to deliberate or prescribed exposure to these products by consumers.
ISO/TS 21623:2017 is aimed at occupational hygienists, researchers and other safety professionals to assist recognition of potential dermal exposure and its potential consequences.

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CEN ISO/TS 21623:2018
60.60 Standard published
Feb 7, 2018