CEN/CLC Guide 5:2001

Trade unions and the preparation of European Standards CEN/CLC Guide 5:2001

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60.60 Standard published   Dec 31, 2001


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It is a principle of standards activity that all interests affected by the work are taken into account. This principle is applied by the Member Bodies of CEN and CENELEC in forming their national opinion and representing it through their national delegations at European level. Moreover, the services of the Commission of the European Communities and the EFTA General Secretariat may take part in the activities of the CEN/CENELEC technical committees to the extent considered appropriate having regard to the legitimate interests represented. Furthermore, in the 'General Guidelines for the Cooperation' signed between CEN and CENELEC and the CEC and EFTA (see CEN/CENELEC Guide 4) it is stated that 'in order to establish the grounds for wide recognition of the importance of European Standards, CEN and CENELEC will ensure that the interested circles can, if they wish, be effectively associated with the drawing up of European Standards'. Trade Unions have been mentioned in the text of these guidelines as one of the circles which could be interested in European Standardization.

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CEN/CLC Guide 5:2001
60.60 Standard published
Dec 31, 2001