ISO/IEC 30134-7:2023

Information technology — Data centres key performance indicators — Part 7: Cooling efficiency ratio (CER) ISO/IEC 30134-7:2023

Publication date:   Mar 10, 2023

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 10, 2023


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 39 Sustainability, IT & Data Centres

International Standard

35.020   Information technology (IT) in general | 91.120.10   Thermal insulation of buildings



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This document specifies the cooling efficiency ratio (CER) as a key performance indicator (KPI) for quantifying the efficient use of energy to control the temperature of spaces within a data centre (DC).
This document:
a)    defines the CER of a DC;
b)    describes the relationship of this KPI to a DC’s infrastructure, information technology equipment and information technology operations;
c)    defines the measurement, the calculation and the reporting of the parameter; and
d)    provides information on the correct interpretation of the CER.
Annex A describes the correlation of the CER and other KPIs.
Annex B provides examples of the usage of the CER.
Annex C introduces the parameters that affect the CER.
Annex D describes requirements and recommendations for derivatives of KPIs associated with the CER.
This document is not applicable to cooling systems that are not powered by electricity (e.g. heat-driven absorption chillers).

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ISO/IEC 30134-7:2023
60.60 Standard published
Mar 10, 2023