ISO/TS 37151:2015

Smart community infrastructures — Principles and requirements for performance metrics ISO/TS 37151:2015

Publication date:   May 7, 2015

General information

90.92 Standard to be revised   Nov 26, 2021


ISO/TC 268/SC 1 Smart community infrastructures

Technical Specification

13.020.20   Environmental economics. Sustainability



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ISO/TS 37151:2015 gives principles and specifies requirements for the
· definition,
· identification,
· optimization, and
· harmonization
of community infrastructure performance metrics, and gives recommendations for analysis, including
· smartness,
· interoperability,
· synergy,
· resilience,
· safety, and
· security
of community infrastructures.
Community infrastructures include, but are not limited to, energy, water, transportation, waste, and ICT.
The principles and requirements of ISO/TS 37151:2015 are applicable to communities of any size sharing geographic areas that are planning, commissioning, managing, and assessing all or any element of its community infrastructures. However, the selection and the importance of metrics or (key) performance indicators of community infrastructures is a result of the application of ISO/TS 37151:2015 and depends on the characteristics of each community.
In ISO/TS 37151:2015, the concept of smartness is addressed in terms of performance relevant to technologically implementable solutions, in accordance with sustainable development and resilience of communities as defined in ISO/TC 268.

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ISO/TS 37151:2015
90.92 Standard to be revised
Nov 26, 2021


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