ISO 12242:2012

Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits — Ultrasonic transit-time meters for liquid ISO 12242:2012

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 14, 2020


ISO/TC 30/SC 5 Velocity and mass methods

International Standard

17.120.10   Flow in closed conduits


ISO 12242:2012 specifies requirements and recommendations for ultrasonic liquid flowmeters, which utilize the transit time of ultrasonic signals to measure the flow of single-phase homogenous liquids in closed conduits.
There are no limits on the minimum or maximum sizes of the meter.
ISO 12242:2012 specifies performance, calibration and output characteristics of ultrasonic meters (USMs) for liquid flow measurement and deals with installation conditions. It covers installation with and without a dedicated proving (calibration) system. It covers both in-line and clamp-on transducers (used in configurations in which the beam is non-refracted and in those in which it is refracted). Included are both meters incorporating meter bodies and meters with field-mounted transducers.

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ISO 12242:2012
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 14, 2020