IEC 60086-6:2020 ED1

Primary batteries - Part 6: Guidance on environmental aspects IEC 60086-6:2020 ED1

Publication date:   Feb 7, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 7, 2020


TC 35

International Standard

29.220.10   Primary cells and batteries



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IEC 60086-6:2020 applies to all chemistries of portable primary cells and batteries standardized in the 60086 series.
The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the proper scientific protocols for testing the environmental performance of batteries; the symbols used to convey messages for collection, recycling, or other ideas; and the aspects and functional unit(s) to be included in assessing the environmental impact of batteries with modern life-cycle analysis techniques

Life cycle


IEC 60086-6:2020 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Feb 7, 2020