IEC 60115-1:2020 ED5

Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment - Part 1: Generic specification IEC 60115-1:2020 ED5

Publication date:   Mar 18, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 18, 2020


TC 40

International Standard

31.040.10   Fixed resistors



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IEC 60115-1:2020 is a generic specification and is applicable to fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. It establishes standard terms, inspection procedures and methods of test for use in sectional and detail specifications of electronic components for quality assessment or any other purpose.
This edition contains the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
this 5th edition employs a new document structure, where the tests of prior Clause 4 are given in Clauses 6 to 12 now, with an informative Annex X providing cross-references for references to the prior revision of this standard;
the terms and definitions have been revised and amended, supplemented by a new section on resistor technologies and a new section on product classification levels;
a new Subclause 4.7 on recommendations for permissible substitutions has been added;
the provisions for packaging, storage and transportation in Subclauses 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10 have been completely revised;
a new Subclause 5.3 on default tolerances for the most common test parameters has been added;
the generic method of measuring resistance, now Sublause 5.6, has been separated from the test for compliance with a prescribed resistance value in 6.1, as a revision of the prior 4.5;
the test for the temperature coefficient of resistance of Subclause 6.2 is a revision of the prior test 4.8, variation of resistance with temperature, where the special concessions for resistors below 10 Ω have been waived;
the test methods for endurance testing of Subclauses 7.1 to 7.3 (prior 4.25.1 to 4.25.3) have been completely revised;
the single‑pulse high‑voltage overload test of Subclause 8.2 (prior 4.27) has been completely revised, and now offers adjustable severities for the 1,2/50 and for the 10/700 pulse shape for the benefit of detail specifications with improved significance;
the periodic-pulse high-voltage overload test of Subclause 8.3 (prior 4.28) has been revised and a corrected table of severities provided;
the period-pulse overload test of Subclause 8.4 (prior 4.39) has been deprecated and streamlined to only offer the severity historically applied in subordinate specifications;
the Subclauses 9.1 on visual inspection, 9.2 on the gauging of dimensions, and 9.3 on the assessment of detail dimensions (all parts of prior 4.4) have been completely revised;
the tests for robustness of terminations (prior 4.16) have been revised and separated into tests for the robustness of solderable terminations, Subclause 9.5, and tests for the robustness of threaded stud or screw terminations, Subclause 9.6;
the bump test of Subclause 9.9 (prior 4.20) and the shock test of Subclause 9.10 (prior 4.21) have been revised to reflect the merged relevant test standard IEC 60068-2-29;
the dry heat and cold test of the climatic sequence of Subclause 10.3 (prior 4.23) have been revised to reflect the changes of the relevant test standards IEC 60068‑2‑2 and IEC 60068‑2‑1;
the accelerated damp heat, steady state test of Subclause 10.5 (prior 4.37) has been amended with an option for a reduced number of bias voltages;
the corrosion test of Subclause 10.6 has been completely revised in order to employ the better suitable test method of IEC 60068-2-52 instead of the prior used IEC 60068-2-11;
the whisker growth test of Subclause 10.7 has been revised to reflect the changes of the new revision of the test methods of IEC 60068-2-82;
the test methods for solderability of Subclause 11.1 (prior 4.17) and for resistance to soldering heat of Subclause 11.2 (prior 4.18) have been completely revised to incorporate the necessary option for the variety of lead-bearing and lead-free solder alloys and respective process conditions;
the solvent resistance test of Subclause 11.3 combines the prior tests 4.29, component solvent resistance, and 4.30, solvent resistance of marking, in one test;
the accidental overload test of Subclause 12.3 (prior 4.26) has been completely revised;
the Annex Q on quality assessment procedures has been completely revised;
a new Annex R on failure rate evaluation, determination and qualification has been added.

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IEC 60115-1:2020 ED5
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