ISO/IEC 80079-20-2:2016 ED1

Explosive atmospheres - Part 20-2: Material characteristics - Combustible dusts test methods ISO/IEC 80079-20-2:2016 ED1

Publication date:   Feb 18, 2016

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 18, 2016


TC 31/SC 31M

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13.230   Explosion protection | 29.260.20   Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres



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ISO/IEC 80079-20-2:2016 is published as a dual logo standard and describes the test methods for the identification of combustible dust and combustible dust layers in order to permit classification of areas where such materials exist for the purpose of the proper selection and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment for use in the presence of combustible dust. The standard atmospheric conditions for determination of characteristics of combustible dusts are:
- temperature -20 °C to 60 °C,
- pressure 80 kPa (0,8 bar) to 110 kPa (1,1 bar) and
- air with normal oxygen content, typically 21 % v/v. The test methods defined do not apply to:
- recognized explosives, propellants (e.g. gunpowder, dynamite), or substances or mixtures of substances which may, under some circumstances, behave in a similar manner or
- dusts of explosives and propellants that do not require atmospheric oxygen for combustion, or to pyrophoric substances. This first edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC 61241-2-1 published in 1994, the first edition of IEC 61241-2-2 published in 1993 and the first edition of IEC 61241-2-3 published in 1994, combining the requirements into a single document, and is considered to constitute a technical revision. Significant changes with respect to IEC 61241-2-1:1994, IEC 61241-2-2:1993 and IEC 61241-2-3:1994 can be found in the foreword of the document.
The contents of the corrigendum of March 2017 have been included in this copy.
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ISO/IEC 80079-20-2:2016 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Feb 18, 2016


ISO/IEC 80079-20-2:2016/COR1:2017 ED1