IEC 60371-2:2004 ED3

Specification for insulating materials based on mica - Part 2: Methods of test

Publication date:   Jun 23, 2004

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 23, 2004


TC 15 Solid electrical insulating materials

International Standard

17.220.99   Other standards related to electricity and magnetism | 29.035.50   Mica based materials



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Defines the methods of test which are applicable to built-up mica materials, products based on them and mica paper. The main changes from the previous edition are as follows: a) All clauses re-numbered. b) Relevant template of ISO 67 has been added to this standard as Annex A. c) Clause 8: Tensile strength and elongation at break Procedure modified to give "rate of movement" instead of "time limit". Different rate of movement for raw mica as opposed to reinforced and/or impregnated mica. d) Clause 11: Stiffness Size of test specimen revised. Wording modified so that standard covers materials using carriers other than woven glass cloth and materials that are 3-ply. Revision of terms ""machine direction" and "transverse direction". (These were incorrect in second edition (1987).) e) Clause 13: Elastic compression and plastic compression Tolerance on measurement of height of stack changed to within 0,01 mm. Times for change in pressure in procedure changed to 1 min. f) Clause 16: Electric strength Modified in line with Amendment 1 (1994) to the second edition (1987). Changes relate to latest edition of IEC 60243-1. g) Clause 19: Detection of defects and conductive particles Revised subclause.

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IEC 60371-2:2004 ED3
60.60 Standard published
Jun 23, 2004