IEC 60352-3:2020 ED2

Solderless connections - Part 3: Accessible insulation displacement (ID) connections - General requirements, test methods and practical guidance IEC 60352-3:2020 ED2

Publication date:   Apr 9, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Apr 9, 2020


TC 48/SC 48B

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29.120.20   Connecting devices



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IEC 60352-3:2020 is applicable to ID connections which are accessible for tests and measurements according to Clauses 6 through 8 and which are made with:<br />
– appropriately designed accessible ID terminations,<br />
– wires having solid round conductors of 0,25 mm to 3,6 mm nominal diameter,<br />
– wires having stranded conductors of 0,05 mm2 to 10 mm2 cross-sectional area,<br />
for use in electrical and electronic equipment and components.<br />
Information on materials and data from industrial experience is included in addition to the test procedures to provide electrically stable connections under prescribed environmen-tal conditions.<br />
There are different designs and materials for accessible ID terminations in use. For this reason only fundamental parameters of the termination are specified, while the perfor-mance requirements of the wire and the complete connection are specified in full detail.<br />
The purpose of this document is:<br />
– to determine the suitability of accessible ID connections under specified mechanical, electrical and atmospheric conditions;<br />
– to provide a means of comparing test results when the tools used to make the con-nections, if any, are of different designs or manufacture.<br />
This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1993. This edition constitutes a technical revision.<br />
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the pre-vious edition:<br />
a) Subclause 7.2.2: reduce the limit of duration of contact disturbance to 1 µs.<br />
b) Subclause 7.2.3: reduce the limit of duration of contact disturbance to 1 µs.<br />
c) Transferred Clauses 9 to 13 to Annex A (informative).<br />
d) The figures were revised for clarity.

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IEC 60352-3:2020 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Apr 9, 2020