IEC 62899-202-7:2021 ED1

Printed electronics - Part 202-7: Materials - Printed film - Measurement of peel strength for printed layer on flexible substrate by 90° peel method IEC 62899-202-7:2021 ED1

Publication date:   Mar 3, 2021

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 3, 2021


TC 119

International Standard

29.035.01   Insulating materials in general | 31.180   Printed circuits and boards



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IEC 62899-202-7:2021(E) provides a test method to measure the peel strength of a printed layer on a flexible substrate. This method calls for peeling the flexible substrate instead of an additional metal electroplating on the printed layer. The method described in this document can be used to compare the peel strengths of the printed layers on the same flexible substrate and thickness conditions. It can be used when the adhesion between the printed layer and flexible substrate is weaker than any other interface between the printed layer and the adhesive, the adhesive and the panel.

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IEC 62899-202-7:2021 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Mar 3, 2021