HD 60364-5-57:2022

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 5-57: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Erection of stationary secondary batteries HD 60364-5-57:2022

General information

60.55 Ratification completed (DOR)   Nov 24, 2022


CLC/TC 64 Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

Harmonization Document

91.140.50   Electricity supply systems


IEC 60364-5-57:2022 provides requirements and recommendations for the design, erection, correct use and protection of installations with secondary stationary batteries as prime storage medium, hereinafter referred to as "stationary secondary batteries".

This document is not applicable to products such as batteries and to systems design (including batteries) which are already covered by their own IEC standard.

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HD 60364-5-57:2022
60.55 Ratification completed (DOR)
Nov 24, 2022