CLC/TR 50491-6-3:2011

General requirements for Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) and Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) - Part 6-3: HBES installations - Assessment and definition of levels CLC/TR 50491-6-3:2011

Publication date:   Jan 18, 2012

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60.60 Standard published   Dec 16, 2011


CLC/TC 205 Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES)

Technical Report

97.120   Automatic controls for household use



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This Technical Report establishes the general rules for assessing HBES installations, according to its complexity and energy performance. This Technical Report applies to – household HBES installation, from and up to the connection point with the utility (i.e. electricity, telecommunications, tele-service, water, gas, security and similar), – HBES installations that include applications related to automation and integrated control of electrical and/or electronic devices, – the networks used for the HBES interconnection regardless of the transmission media used for their communications, – new HBES installations, retrofitting and enlargement of existing installations.

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CLC/TR 50491-6-3:2011
60.60 Standard published
Dec 16, 2011