EN 50563:2011

External a.c. - d.c. and a.c. - a.c. power supplies – Determination of no-load power and average efficiency of active modes EN 50563:2011

Publication date:   Dec 16, 2011

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Sep 28, 2022


CLC/TC 100X Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment and related sub-systems

European Norm

29.200   Rectifiers. Converters. Stabilized power supply



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This European Standard specifies methods of measurement of electrical power consumption, and the reporting of results, for external power supplies. This standard is applicable to external power supplies with a rated input voltage within the range 100 V ac to 250 V ac having a single output with a rated output power not exceeding 250 W and a rated output voltage not exceeding 230 V a.c. or 325 V d.c. The output voltage may be either at a fixed voltage, or at a voltage which is user selectable, or at a voltage that is automatically selectable by the external power supply so as to be compatible with one or more product-loads.

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Legislation related to this standard


Commission Regulation (EC) No 278/2009 of 6 April 2009 implementing Directive 2005/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to ecodesign requirements for no-load condition electric power consumption and average active efficiency of external power supplies (Text with EEA relevance)


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EN 50563:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Sep 28, 2022


EN 50563:2011/A1:2013