CLC/TR 50507:2007

Railway applications - Interference limits of existing track circuits used on European railways CLC/TR 50507:2007

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60.60 Standard published   May 9, 2007


CLC/TC 9X Electrical and electronic applications for railways

Technical Report

45.060.01   Railway rolling stock in general


This Technical Report has been written to define the interference limits of existing track circuits used on European railways. The purpose of this Technical Report is to provide an overview, a reference and a source of information for other specifications and specifications that are presently in preparation. As required by the CENELEC rules, it will be updated as needed and will be finally replaced by a future specification or standard. According to CENELEC rules, the existing national specifications are not required to be replaced by this Technical Report. They will remain in use as the basis for approval of vehicles in the respective countries. Where available, the national specifications are referenced in Annex A of this Technical Report. The two main parts of this Technical Report are: 1) the List of European track circuit equipment; 2) the National Annex. The contents of these two parts have been provided by railway infrastructure representatives. Not all EU countries have provided information and in some cases the information may be incomplete. In 4.5, the track circuits are classified into preferred and non-preferred types ) with regard to their future use on interoperable lines. This definition provides an indication which types of track circuits are preferred for new signalling projects. In Annex A the interference limits and test specifications are defined within a template prepared by CENELEC, which is intended to ensure a large degree of common content and to facilitate comparisons between national specifications. The content of Annex A is based on existing national specifications. This Technical Report will remain informative until it is replaced by a specification. It may, however, be used as a basis for defining requirements, for example in improved national specifications. If the content is used in the TSI, the TSI document shall clearly define the consequences of the requirements. The vehicles have only to be made compatible with the track circuits used on the lines where they run, as defined in EN 50238. Normally an approval certificate will be restricted to these lines or countries.

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CLC/TR 50507:2007
60.60 Standard published
May 9, 2007